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Deceased Parties:

If someone on title has passed, there may be additional requirements to transfer title and we will assist with creating the solution. However, the public record search from this order will begin that process and help clarify the steps needed to transfer ownership. Additional costs may be incurred and this payment will be credited toward that solution. If we are unable to assist, a refund, less document retrieval costs will be provided.

Parcels vs Lots:

The easiest way to differentiate between the two, is the number of tax bills for the specific property you intend to transfer. Multiple lots can be a single tax parcel. Most transfers are 1 parcel only (USE 1 IF NOT SURE), we will confirm via our public records search. Please add a comment below in the “additional information” section with any additional data.

Grantees ( “transfer to” parties):

Grantees (the party you are transferring to) may not be:

Deceased Persons
Mentally Disabled Persons
Persons without proper identification

Quality Deeds does not provide real estate, legal or tax advice. The sole purpose of this site is to assist parties with transferring the Grantor’s ownership and/or rights specified by the statements provided in the “Deed Order Request” to the Grantee.

Notice: Your instrument will be prepared by Quality Title Insurance, Inc., solely from information and instruction provided by Grantor and/or Grantee. No title insurance policy will be purchased and no title opinion is being provided by Quality Title Insurance, Inc., Grantor, in executing and delivering this instrument, and Grantee, in accepting delivery, acknowledge that no title insurance or title opinion is being provided to grantee in connection with the execution and delivery of this instrument or the conveyance of real estate.

Additional Fees may be incurred to perfect the conveyance.  

Reasons may include:

    • Multiple Chains of Title
    • Multiple Parcel Transfers
    • Mobile Notary Assistance
    • Out of State Assistance

Quality Deeds has the right to cancel order and refund payment (less incurred costs)  for the following reasons:

    • Determine that the deed would be the result of a fraudulent conveyance
    • Determine that Grantors are not legally capable of conveying the real estate with the intended purpose
    • Determine that an attorney and/or legal advice will be necessary to convey the property
    • Determine that proper identification can not be provided by all parties involved

Customer has the right to cancel order at any time.   Payment refunds (less incurred costs) may be provided for the following reasons (within 30 days of cancellation):

    • Mutual agreement by both parties (Grantees & Quality Deeds)
    • An attorney and/or legal advice will be necessary to convey the property
    • Proper identification can not be provided by grantees

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